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Shocks and struts

BeeLine Brake, Alignment and Maintenance specializes in shocks and struts repair. We have been servicing the San Diego neighborhood since 1947. Some signs that your car needs struts or shock repair are:

  • Fluid leaks, visual damage to shocks or struts
  • You experience a shaky or bumpy ride or poor steering response
  • Testing has shown that usually (depending on make and car type) you will need to replace your shocks and struts at 50,000 miles

​​Shocks and Struts are important for your car because they keep your tires on the road, if not maintained well it can cause excessive wear to your tires and struts are a major structural component of the suspension system. 

When it's time for shocks and struts maintenance our expert technicians have you covered. We have premium shocks and struts that will improve your performance and overall safety when driving the vehicle. 

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