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BeeLine Brake, Alignment & Maintenance has specialized in automotive brake repair in San Diego since 1947.

When should I have my brakes inspected?

  • You should have the brakes inspected when your vehicle makes unusual grinding or squeaking sounds associated with braking
  • Your car's Brake warning lights illuminate on instrument panel could mean low brake pads or a possible issue with the brake fluid system
  • Brake pulsation (shaking) under braking could mean that your rotors need to be machined or replaced
  • Vehicle pulls under braking means you should have your brake calipers or wheel cylinders inspected
  • You should have the brakes checked at manufactures specified inspection intervals
  • Unpleasant burning odor when braking is a definite cause for brake inspection
  • You should get a brake inspection when you have a low brake pedal, a sinking or bypassing brake pedal or experience poor stopping

Are all brake parts and services the same?

Not all vehicles brake systems are the same and at BeeLine Brake, Alignment & Maintenance our years of experience ensures the best service for your particular car.

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