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San Diego Auto AC Service

At BeeLine Brake, Alignment & Maintenance, we offer complete automotive Air Conditioning System maintenance and repair.

Driving in hot, humid weather without fully functioning air conditioning in your vehicle can be avoided. To ensure that your vehicle's AC system is working properly, you should be aware of the following warning signs that may indicate impending problems with your car's air conditioning system and have it repaired:

  • Lack of airflow--may mean a hose is loose, ventilation fan is broken or evaporator core/blower house/core case seals have deteriorated.
  • Reduced air coldness--could mean a freon leak, clogged refrigerant charging hose or expansion tube.

Other reasons for your air conditioning acting like a space heater include:

  • Failing compressor clutch or compressor
  • Damaged evaporator or condenser
  • Vacuum leakage
  • Failing solenoid, control module, relay, fuse or switch

A leaking air conditioning system in any vehicle can spell trouble for the entire system. When your car's AC has a leak, the system becomes "open", meaning moisture will ultimately infiltrate the system and create various kinds of related damage. That's why it is important to seek repair services from BeeLine Brake, Alignment and Maintenance in San Diego as soon as you notice problems with your car's AC.

Helping residents of San Diego, Del Mar, Point Loma, LaJolla, Claremont and Pacific Beach keep their vehicles on the road since 1947, BeeLine Brake, Alignment and Maintenance offers convenient appointments to accommodate your busy life.: (858) 260-3074.

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