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BeeLine Brake, Alignment & Maintenance has specialized in Auto alignment and Auto brake service in San Diego since 1947. A proper wheel alignment will improve tire life, vehicle performance, and fuel efficiency.

When should I have my Auto wheel alignment checked?

  • You should have your auto wheel alignment checked if the steering wheel is no longer in the center position
  • You may need a wheel alignment if the vehicle pulls in one direction or wanders
  • If Suspension parts have been replaced, an auto-alignment may be required
  • If New tires are installed, you definitely should have the auto's alignment checked
  • If your tires are showing uneven wear, it's time for a wheel alignment

Before each auto wheel alignment, we perform a thorough suspension inspection of your auto by an experienced wheel alignment specialist.

Lowered and modified performance vehicles

At BeeLine Brake, Alignment & Maintenance we have a flat drive on racks ensuring no damage to autos undercarriage. When a vehicle is lowered, adverse camber and caster conditions can arise. We specialize in camber/caster kit installation and more cost effective procedures such as slotting and straightening supports. We also can align to your specified alternate racing specifications.

Lifted and modified performance vehicles

When a vehicle is lifted the geometry of the suspension can be altered creating bump steer and adverse camber/caster conditions. Our automotive wheel alignment specialists have the experience needed in addressing these issues.

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