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Factory Scheduled Maintenance

In the past vehicles were usually driven or towed into a repair facility when a part failed or there were signs of trouble, sometimes incurring more damage and expense in the process. When you follow the factory scheduled maintenance you can correct some of these problems before they happen saving time and money.

Following the factory scheduled maintenance will ensure fuel efficiency, optimum performance and improve the longevity of your vehicle. If this sounds a whole lot like a "Tune up", you're right! The Factory Scheduled Maintenance is the tune up - with a plan. Unlike tune ups of the past, where you might change fluids, air filter, belts, cap, rotor, plugs and wires (regardless of whether you drove a Corvette or a Cadillac, a Miata or a Mercedes), today's factory maintenance schedules take into account your exact vehicle make, model, year and options. This ensures that you only replace that which is necessary - saving money. Staying proactive with routine inspections of the suspension, brake, hydraulic, power train, electrical, cooling and exhaust systems will prepare you for and perhaps more importantly, protect you from future surprises.

At BeeLine Brake, Alignment & Maintenance, our experienced technicians with the Mitchell Pro factory recommendations will keep your car running at peak performance and maintain your factory warranty.

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